Make Your Pet Rabbit Feel Secure
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Make Your Pet Rabbit Feel Secure

Pet rabbits can be great. Most children love rabbits. Rabbits are very popular as pets. You will be able to teach your pet rabbit many things. House rabbits can be trained to use a litter box. Rabbits love to hide and they will need many hiding places. When a rabbit is hiden he will feel secure.

Many children want a rabbit for a pet and this is especially true around Easter time.  A pet rabbit must feel secure at all times.  They will need their own bed and the best thing for a bed is a plastic tub.  Place his bed under something so the rabbit feels he is protected.  Rabbits are afraid because they are hunted by other animals and they must be made to feel secure.

It is also a good idea to give your rabbit a cardboard box beside his bed.  Cut 2 holes  big enough for the rabbit on adjoining sides of the boxes.  Rabbits feel more secure when they feel they can get away and hide.  A cardboard box can be a rabbit’s best friend and will give him a great sense of security.

Some rabbits do not like slick floors and they will try to stay off them. .  They are prey animals and the sleek surface makes them feel insecure because they cannot get good traction so they may not be able to get away.

Rabbits usually do not get on furniture, as they prefer to be under the furniture because it makes them feel safe.

Make sure you keep your toilet seats down as rabbits do jump and he could go into the toilet head first.  If this were to happen, he would not be able to get out because he cannot get a footing on the slippery sides of the toilet bowl.  He will not be able to get his head above the water and he will drown.

Pet rabbits will want to have some toys to keep them occupied.  Rabbit toys can be very simple.  He will enjoy a couple of pinecones.  Plastic containers are also good if they are small.     Get him some small cardboard boxes that he can toss around.  Rabbits also like toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  Rabbits love to play with and shred paper so you can give him some and he will be happy for hours shredding them.

You can take your pet rabbit outside but be sure the area is secure and do not take your eyes off him for a second.  The   sight of a cat will scare the rabbit half to death. Do not let your rabbit get into azaleas, Daphne, ivy, elephant ears and oleanders, as they are poison to him.  Be sure, there is nothing harmful lying around like snail bait.  Make sure that the plants have not been sprayed with chemicals, as they are very harmful to rabbits.

Take good care of your rabbit and you will have a great pet.

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Comments (3)

Good information on caring for a pet rabbit..vtyed

Rabbits are good company. Thank you Norma.

That reminds me it's nearly time to write an article warning parents not to get pet rabbits for their kids at Easter...