How to Correctly Care For and House Your Pet Rabbit
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How to Correctly Care For and House Your Pet Rabbit

A how to guide on the best way to correctly house and care for your pet rabbit.

Before you bring your new pet home you should ensure that it will be safe and secure within it new surroundings, this how to guide should help you to achieve this.

Once it has settled into its new surroundings your pet rabbit should feel safe and secure and away from any sudden or alarming noises. It should have plenty of space to move around in as well as having separate areas for sleeping as well as to be shaded from the sun. This home should also have a secure roof to help offer your pet rabbit protection from the weather.

The hutch should be made with a large door to make it easy and convenient to clean inside. The door should be secure and able to close correctly to stop the rabbit from escaping as well as to protect it from predators. In many locations if the threat of predators is high it might be best to house the rabbit indoors overnight or if the threat to its health is from the cold weather.

Daily exercise is important to the well being of your rabbit, it should be an area easily accessible from the safety of the hutch and this also needs to be secure from predators or from the rabbit attempting to escape.

The rabbits hutch should be cleaned on a regular basis. Areas that the rabbit has soiled should be thoroughly cleaned, this will help to keep your rabbit clean and healthy. Any spilt food should be removed and fresh supplies of food and water should be given daily. The containers holding the food and water should also be cleaned daily.

The best types of containers to use for water are those that can be attached to the walls of the hutch, if using bowls these can be spilt or knocked over by the rabbit.

Spread a good layer of straw or hay across the entire base of the hutch, the rabbit will then find his or her own spot to settle. Rabbit food can be supplemented with a supply of root vegetables as well as some fruit such as apples, peaches or melon.

It is always a good idea to move the location of the rabbits run so they can have a fresh supply of grass. If the rabbit is left to always munch on the same area they will eat through to the roots of the grass and you will be left with bare patches of earth.

You should not bathe or wash your rabbit, they are capable of grooming themselves and will do so to keep themselves clean, giving them a bath could give them unnecessary stress. Use a soft brush to comb its coat if it is a long haired breed, if the coat needs trimming use a professional groomer do not attempt this task yourself.

Should you need to pick your pet rabbit up for any reason always do so with your hand beneath its body and hold it securely. Rabbits love chocolate, they enjoy this little treat occasionally. If you allow them this luxury remember that too much chocolate could in fact kill a rabbit so feed it to them only in small amounts.

By following these simple instructions in this how to guide it should lead to a long and happy time for you and your rabbit.

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We used to have a rabbit. Nice article on how to care for a rabbit. Well done.

This is excellent information on how to care for a pet rabbit.

Thank you for your expert advice. Voted up.

Returning to re-read your useful and very helpful article.